HP 2500 a tireless worker in the mines of India

1 July 2016

Far far away, in a remote part of a state called Orissa, lie the biggest coal and iron ore mines in all of India, some of which belong to Tata Steel, India’s biggest private sector steel producers.

In a quarry known as the “Tata Steel Sukinda project”, a contract for secondary breaking of boulders was awarded back in 2004 to Naresh Kumar & Co. Pvt Ltd, a big company operating in the fields of coal handling, mining and logistics. They procured an Indeco HP 2500 for the job and mounted it on an L&T 90CK excavator. The contract involved secondary breaking of igneous pyroxenite boulders of hardness 1500 Kg/cm2 and up to 2000 mm in diameter. Ever since March 2005, the Indeco breaker has been used constantly on 16 hour shifts, with average production figures of around 100 tonnes.

For a brief period, the contract was awarded to another company, which installed a competitor’s breaker on a larger excavator. However, due to the extreme hardness of the rock, their breaker failed miserably after just a few months on the job. So the contract was given back to Naresh Kumar & Company, who are still using the same HP 2500 as before.

The Indeco breaker has now passed the milestone of 20,000 hours of work. The credit for this result goes not only to the excellence of the product, but also to the commitment of the NKCPL maintenance team under General Manager Mr Rabindra Nath Patra. Mr Patra also very much appreciates the quality, reliability and efficiency of the breaker backed by the excellent after-sales service and parts availability at DCS Trading & Services Pvt Ltd.