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Indeco, an Italian manufacturer of hydraulic hammers, was founded in 1976. Right from the outset, here at Indeco we set our sights on predicting and reacting quickly to the needs of the marketplace, setting up countrywide sales networks and after sales service facilities and relying on the skills of the planning and development team.

This philosophy allowed Indeco to develop the international market, soon become a leading brand in the global demolition industry, competing with a group of similar-sized rivals.

Indeco Stories
An Italian worker finds success in the USA, seen here
with his owner for the last 20 years.
48 years of history,
48 years of stories.
  1. 1976

    The Indeco story begins
    Production of spare parts and custom hydraulic hammers begins.

  2. 1986

    The “Intelligent Hammer”
    The first manufacturer in the demolitions world to produce an “intelligent hammer”.

  3. 1990

    Indeco North America
    founding of Indeco North America, covering the whole of the USA, Canada and Central America.

  4. 1992

    Indeco Australia
    founding of Indeco Australia which soon became the market leader with a share of over 30%.

  5. 1996

    Samoter International Prize
    Indeco won the Samoter International Prize for technological innovation in the manufacture of hydraulic hammers and for the success of our customer services.

  6. 1999

    Indeco UK
    Indeco UK was founded and soon became a household name on the United Kingdom demolition market with its extensive specialist dealer network.

  7. 2003

    IFP fixed and IRP rotating pulverizers
    The product range was broadened with the introduction of IFP fixed and IRP rotating pulverizers.

  8. 2004

    HP Series
    Launch of the new HP series of hammers, with significant innovations.

  9. 2006

    Multi, IHC and new IFP and IRP models
    Expansion of the range of complementary demolition products, with the launch of MULTI, the multifunction tool, IHC compactors and new IFP and IRP models.

  10. 2008

    HP 18000
    Indeco breaks all records with the world’s biggest hydraulic hammer, the new HP 18000.

  11. 2010

    ISS shears and ABF system
    Launch of the new ISS shear and the ABF anti-blank firing system; range of IFP and IRP pulverizers and Multi multifunction now complete.

  12. 2011

    Indeco Mexico
    Founding of Indeco Mexico which handles sales and after-sales assistance nationwide.

  13. 2011

    New ISS, IHC and launch of the IDG and IBS
    The ISS range was extended, the IHC range was completely renovated, launch of the IDG demolition sorting grab and IBS pedestal boom system.

  14. 2012

    IDG range
    Indeco launched the new IDG – Indeco Demolition Sorting Grab range.

  15. 2013

    New IBS models
    New models complete the IBS range of Indeco boom systems.

  16. 2014

    ISS & IHC R
    Further extensions to the range of ISS shears and IHC R rotating compactors.

  17. 2016

    Fuel Saving
    An upgrade to the hydraulics makes all of our hammers “Fuel Saving” with savings of up to 20% on fuel consumption.

  18. 2016

    IMG jaws
    The new IMG grabs (which evolved from the IDG range) are now made in 5 different versions, each for a different use.

  19. 2017

    Indeco Brazil
    Founding of Indeco Brazil.

  20. 2018

    Indeco Australia hits 25
    Indeco Australia celebrates 25 years in business.

  21. 2019

    IDA LP dust abatement system
    Indeco launch the new IDA LP low-pressure dust-abatement system.

  22. 2020

    IMH mulching heads
    Indeco renew their range of hydraulic mulching heads.

  23. 2020

    Indeco North America turns 30
    Indeco North America reaches the prestigious milestone of 30 years in business.

  24. 2022

    Indeconnect system
    ‘Indeconnect’ remote monitoring system, based on the principles of the Internet of Things.

  25. 2022

    IRC rail cutters
    Indeco launches the new IRC rail cutters specifically designed for cutting railway tracks, tramway rails, and underground rails.

  26. 2023

    Indeco Japan
    Indeco strengthens its foothold through Indeco Japan, aimed at addressing the commercial and technical requirements of Japanese enterprises.

  27. 2023

    UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified quality
    Indeco certifies its company management system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

  28. 2023

    Indeco Mexico – Cancún
    Indeco’s newest subsidiary, Indeco Mexico, opens, further solidifying the brand’s position in the Mexican market.

  29. 2024

    Indeco Canada
    Indeco reinforces its presence and dedication in the North American market, opening a new branch in Canada.


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