Indeco ISS shears – a growing range for even greater efficiency.

30 September 2015

Indeco ISS shears – a growing range for even greater efficiency. SEPTEMBER 30, 2015
The existing range of Indeco shears has now grown even further with a series of significant new developments designed to improve excavator/attachment compatibility and ROI for anyone working in the scrap metal or recycling sectors.

Two new models, the ISS 30/50 and the ISS 35/60 are set to replace and integrate the previous ISS 30/60, by improving the shape and maximum jaw opening, and especially by optimizing weight with the right excavator combination, which in turn will also benefit working efficiency.

Each ISS rotating shear, which can be either stick- or bucket-mounted, also has a fixed version which is mounted straight onto the excavator arm. Being lighter and less bulky, this means a larger shear can be used on the excavator, thus increasing productivity, especially for scrap metal or recycling jobs. ISS rotating shears are the ideal choice for demolishing any type of metal structure. Indeed, they can be rotated continuously to optimize positioning, while the large jaw opening, rapid cycles and incredible power ensure that each cut is both fast and effective.

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