New Indeco IHC 70 and IHC R 70 compactors – power and manoeuvrability for narrow working spaces.

9 September 2015

The new line of Indeco IHC and IHC R compactors has been created to combine high compaction with fast turnaround times.

They are a very efficient replacement both for traditional manual equipment and for self-propelled rollers, which are at great risk of rollover during slope applications. In the Indeco IHC and IHC R, compaction is achieved by applying both the dynamic forces of a vibrating hydraulic system and the static weight of an excavator or backhoe boom to a thick steel baseplate, so as to achieve the depth of penetration needed to reduce air voids and move more material faster.

Technical data
IHC 70
IHC R 70
Excavator weight 3,5 ÷ 12 tons 4 ÷ 13 tons
Equipment weight 360 Kg 545 Kg
Height 60 cm 93 cm
Baseplate size 46 x 84 cm 46 x 84 cm
Centrifugal force 3600 Kgf
35,3 KN
3600 Kgf
35,3 KN
Force applied to ground 1 Kg/cm2
9,8 N/cm2
1 Kg/cm2
9,8 N/cm2
Oil flow to motor 75 l/min 75 l/min
Maximum working pressure 200 bars 200 bars
Oil flow for rotation 10 l/min
Pressure regulated for rotation 90 bar
Compatibility of attachment plate
with breaker mounting bracket
HP 500 ÷ HP 900 HP 500 ÷ HP 900

For years users have been asking for a compactor which would combine the hydraulic power of a medium-sized model with the manoeuvrability of a smaller one. That is the reason behind the launch of the new IHC 70 and IHC R 70 which have both of these characteristics. Even though it still has the same hydraulic power as the IHC 75, in its fixed and rotating versions the new compactor has a much narrower baseplate on the short side, making it easier to work in deep narrow trenches

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