Indeco Stories

Telling the story of our first 40 years through the words of our customers.

17 April 2016

One reason why Indeco has now been in the marketplace for 40 years is that we have always focused on our markets. Another is that we’ve been able to win over the trust of our end-users, keeping our promises, no matter what the cost. And there’s the fact that we’ve been able to meet the needs of our customers, providing clear answers to their questions. And not forgetting our ability to be a point of reference, a constant companion alongside people at work, wherever they are in the world. That’s why we’ve chosen to celebrate the first 40 years of our history by telling some of those stories in a series of short videos, starring our products and the operators who use them. Stories of hard work and genuine values. Stories that make every workday special – they might seem ordinary, but that’s all the more reason to tell them. IndecoStories can be seen at the website, as well as on our dedicated Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The workhorse
Among the ancient rocks of the Murgia Hills, near Altamura in our Southern Italian province of Bari, Massimo Tubito tells how when his first daughter was born, he celebrated by buying his first Indeco HB 27 breaker. Now, 25 years on, after two more kids (and of course two more Indeco breakers!), Massimo is still delighted with his faithful old HB 27, which he calls his workhorse, capable of working all day long on any type of rock, without having to worry about downtimes.

“One of the family”
“In a family firm, you have to be careful who you take on to work with you,” says Adrian, the eldest of the three Young brothers from Llandissilio, in West Wales. That explains why, back in 1987, his father and grandfather thought long and hard before buying an Indeco HB breaker for their firm, Young Bros. Ltd. Today it’s clear that their trust was well-placed. As well as making excellent products, Indeco has proved to be a close-knit, efficient team, from the local dealers to the UK subsidiary all the way to the Italian factory, acting rapidly and effectively to solve a wide variety of problems. It’s down to their dedication that, after 29 years of hard toil, the HB 27 is still so productive and reliable, just like one of the family.

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