Australia: the new ABF technology passes its practical test with flying colours

1 July 2016

Elfie’s Plant Hire owner David Alford has been contracted by BORAL for approximately 10 years for secondary breaking requirements at their Colac Quarry. Here they use two Indeco Whisper breakers, an HP 5000 and an HP 9000, on which David has been testing the new ABF (Anti-Blank Firing) system and range of retaining axles in secondary breaking applications.

“The introduction of the ABF system has been a huge development” claim Elfie. “I have always been happy with the productivity and power of my Indeco breakers, but the ABF has without a doubt helped improve the reliability and wear and tear. The ABF system prevents the breaker from blank firing once it has broken through the rock, a problem which in the long run has a negative effect on the life of the breaker and the excavator boom”.

Thanks to the new ABF technology, they have noticed that maintenance of the breakers has been significantly reduced. “The improvements which Indeco have carried out have actually increased my productivity and have enabled me to maximise the breaker to its full potential” said Alford.Indeco have also developed new improved retaining axles for increased longevity and reliability, with the right combination of metal and heat treatments, thus reducing maintenance costs and downtimes even further.
“Anything that saves me time or can help with the maintenance of my breaker has to be a good thing” says Alford with a satisfied smile. We couldn’t agree more.