Indeco IMP: the efficient Multifunction in every configuration

10 January 2024

Indeco always offers the right answer to users’ needs. The IMP Multifunction is a clear proof of this, created to offer maximum versatility of use to companies that need a tool capable of dealing with the widest range of application situations in the demolition and recycling sector.

A single hydraulic mechanism, through the assembly of different clamps, can be used in the four different configurations of crusher, pulverizer, shear and Combi Cutter, which allow the IMP to be used for the most disparate applications, from demolition work to crushing, to cutting of metal structures.

Made with technologically cutting-edge materials, such as the special super-resistant HARDOX® steels which make its structure impossible to warp, the Indeco IMP multifunction is able to withstand strong pressure, wear, abrasion and prolonged use in any condition of use. The particular characteristics of the interchangeable clamps contribute to the excellent performance of the product for all uses.

IMP – crusher configuration

Made particularly resistant by the standard anti-wear welds, the IMP in crusher configuration is equipped with clamps with interchangeable teeth installed on a bolted tooth-holder plate which facilitates replacement operations. The knives are also interchangeable, to obtain a more efficient cutting of the reinforcing rod.


IMP – pulverizer configuration

The same characteristics are also found in the pulverizer version, equipped with anti-wear welding as standard, an interchangeable tooth-holder plate bolted to the upper clamp and interchangeable knives with possible “light” adjustment to optimise cutting operations. 


IMP – shear configuration

In the IMP in “shear” configuration, some of the peculiar characteristics of the Indeco ISS shears have been added, such as: the cutting shapes, the knives in special steels, perfectly reversible and interchangeable so as to be used in all cutting angles, the exclusive dual incision system in the upper and lower tip, to allow a more effective progression of the cut.



IMP – Combi Cutter configuration

The Combi Cutter clamps are particularly effective in the demolition of reinforced concrete structures, as they are equipped with two interchangeable toothed plates in the front part and elongated, reversible and interchangeable blades in the rear part to facilitate cutting of the reinforcing rod.





Other features of the Indeco IMP multifunction

Continuous 360° hydraulic rotation (like all other Indeco rotary products) with protection valve for better demolition in all logistical conditions and always optimal grip of the material to be demolished

Steel protection of the piston rods to protect against accidental impacts during work

Single rotation hub that makes maintenance and replacement of the tool kit quicker and more effective 

Automatic greasing system that improves the lubrication of moving mechanical parts 

Two large pistons that increase and balance the demolition power 

Machine body and interchangeable clamps made with special HARDOX® steels

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