The Industrial IoT solution
for each tool.
Indeconnect is the 4.0 technology to be used to remotely control your Indeco tools. Use force intelligently.
Upgrade your hydraulic hammers and other INDECO equipment with Indeconnect.

Why choose

Indeconnect is a system based
on the principles of the Internet
of Things (IoT) with which to prevent
equipment obsolescence and to keep
its performance high.

The Indeco app is available on:

The advantages of Indeconnect

With Indeconnect you add further benefits to your Indeco hydraulic accessories such as:
HP hydraulic hammers, IHC and IHC R compactors, IFP/IRP crushers, ISS cutters,
multifunctional IMP, IMG multi-grab grippers, IMH mulchers:

Productivity monitoring

Make sure each Indeco tool is working as planned.

Control of operations

Check in real time the different parameters internal and external to the equipment to make sure it is working in optimal conditions and appropriately.

Greater security

Remotely check the position of your tools through the GPS geo-localisation. An actual anti-theft system.

Fewer stops for maintenance

Monitor the health of your Indeco tools in real time, order spare parts and plan maintenance to minimise machine downtime.

Better rental management

Supervise, optimise and control the management of rental equipment.

More value for your investment

Upgrade the INDECO equipment you already own and make it 4.0 technology ready to increase its market value.

The Indeconnect system

A device equipped with 4G technology, to be applied on the individual tools that compose the fleet.

A cloud-based web platform, accessible from mobile (via app) or from PC, with which to consult the data transmitted by each device installed: hours of work performed, work angle in space, hydraulic oil temperature, temperature of the environment, GPS position.




How Indeconnect makes INDECO tools smart

Indeconnect transforms Indeco tools into connected machines capable of transmitting information
essential to manage all equipment smartly.

It analyses sensitive operational data in real time, through a simple and intuitive interface accessible from any device.

It optimises the use of tools based on their actual state of health, on the work time already clocked up and on the environmental conditions.

It sends alerts to plan ahead maintenance work and to thus reduce machine downtime.

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