Indeco on the runway for the development of Melbourne Airport

The large HP breakers and an IFP pulveriser work round the clock to make room for the giants of the air.

1 July 2016

The double-decker Airbus A380 is one of the world’s largest passenger aircraft. Due to its introduction, the runways have had to be widened at many airports around the world. One of these is Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport, which has already started implementing its five-year expansion plan to upgrade its airstrips and terminals, which has an overall budget of 550 million Australian dollars.

As well as widening the runways from 45 to 60 metres, accompanying work is being carried out on the tarmac, taxiways and parking spaces for the aircraft, as well as a major expansion of terminal buildings to cope with increased traffic.

Armstrong Construction was one of the contractors employed for the removal and replacement of the tarmac. A civil engineering contractor since 1975, Armstrong’s specialise in pipeline works – sewer, water, drainage and gas – working for major public and private clients. For the tarmac- and rock-breaking jobs, and to make room for the new structures, Armstrong’s quickly put their Indeco HP 9000‘s to work, soon adding an HP 12000.

For the demolition of the terminal buildings, contractors G&M Aldridge are using an Indeco IFP 1250 pulverizer, which has been working constantly with excellent results. Stage 1 of the terminal redevelopment is just one part of a five-year expansion plan for Melbourne Airport, one of the largest infrastructure investments undertaken in the state of Victoria in recent times.

The figures for this huge site speak for themselves: as well as providing jobs for about 1000 people, the project requires 27,450 tonnes of concrete, 2,000 tonnes of steel, 20 km of cabling, 15 km of hydroponic heating pipes, 5,900 square metres of tiling and 3,800 square metres of glass. This great infrastructure project is just right for a firm like Indeco, whose product quality and reliability make it perfectly suited to the task.