Indeco hydraulic hammer best choice for quarry demolition.

Because hammers in quarries increase productivity when they replace explosives.

17 July 2023

The large Indeco hammers have been, for years, the number one choice by quarrymen all over the world who want to switch from explosives to mechanical systems, due to the considerable advantages that hammer excavation in quarries offers.

The advantages of hammers in quarries

Demolition hammers in quarries guarantee continuous production, while explosives require several phases and long downtimes for blast preparation, personnel evacuation, etcetera. Then there are factors such as the difficulty of obtaining permits for the use of explosives, the inconveniences caused by the use of explosives for the residents of the areas adjacent to the quarry, the time and costs associated with drilling operations before and reduction of the big blocks after the explosion. The use of hammers in marble quarries, or quarries for other precious materials, minimises the amount of waste compared to explosives. Furthermore, while primary crushing is in progress, a hammer can already create the profiles necessary for environmental restoration, which is essential today for an extraction activity.

The advantages of Indeco hammers

Add to that the specific advantages offered by Indeco hammers: the excellent ratio between absorbed energy and yield, the longevity ensured by the ABF (Anti Blank Firing) system, the energy saving of the FS (Fuel Saving) hydraulic system with up to 20% lower fuel consumption. All this makes hammer excavation in quarries with an Indeco hydraulic hammer much more advantageous than blasting.

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