Indeco IRC, the rail cutters with full 360° rotation for high-speed recycling

Two new excavator rail cutter shears with full 360° rotation allow fast and productive cutting of railway tracks

19 April 2023

Maximum strength, speed and cutting power are the main features of the new rail cutters with Indeco IRC rotation, equipment designed and built for cutting train, tram and subway rails. Thanks to the particular design of their jaws, the efficiency of the hydraulic system and the robustness of the machine body in special HARDOX® steel, the Indeco IRC rail cutters with full 360° rotation allow the cutting of rails up to 75 kg of mass per metre, with hardness up to 300 Brinell.

Respectable performance compared to most excavator rail cutters on the market. Available in two different models, IRC 20 and IRC 30, the new rail cutter shears with Indeco rotation are able to operate at best on the different standards of rails on the global market, also thanks to a wider maximum jaw opening than competing products and their oversized hydraulic cylinder, capable of bringing superior power and responding to the heaviest stresses.

Cutting efficiency is also ensured by interchangeable and reversible knives made of special hardened material, which can be used up to four times. Finally, the hydraulic system of continuous 360° rotation allows greater flexibility of use and maximum precision in positioning.

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