IRC rail cutters: high speed in rail recycling

14 November 2022

The transition from traditional to high-speed rail networks, taking place in all the most industrialized countries in the world, inevitably passes through the disposal and recycling of hundreds of thousands of kilometres of tracks. Hence the need to equip itself with adequate tools to process heat-treated steels to withstand enormous pressures. The new IRC rail cutters are hydraulic tools specifically designed for cutting railway, tramway and metro rails. The particular design of their jaws, combined with the efficiency of the hydraulic system and the robustness of the machine body in special HARDOX® steel, allow the cutting of rails up to 75 kg of mass per metre, with hardness up to 300 Brinell. Two rail cutter models are available, IRC 20 and IRC 30, designed to operate at best on the different track standards present in the EU, USA and Asian countries.

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