The new IMG grabs are now made in 5 different versions

20 April 2016

The most revolutionary change comes with the new IMG grabs, which have evolved from the previous IDG demolition grabs. On a single housing, using the same hydraulic circuit both for opening/closing and for rotation, the new IMG grabs are now made in 5 different versions for 5 different specific jobs in various sectors:

IMG S Sorting Jaws
Ideal tools for sorting waste materials from demolition work, from clearing stony ground, and from dredging of rivers and seas, and so on.
IMG D Demolition Sorting Jaws
Ideal for light demolition jobs, such as demolishing wood and brick structures, the IMG D can also be used to select and handle waste materials. It is also perfect for recycling and recovery.
Pinze Movimentatrici 3+2 IMG H

IMG H 3 + 2 Material Handling Jaws
Designed to facilitate handling of large objects such as scrap metal, vehicles for demolition, and other demolition scrap, the force transmitted by its hydraulic rotation system to the interlocking teeth provides a safe powerful grip.

IMG L Loading Jaws
The geometry of the jaws is designed for maximum payload, making them ideal for moving earth, gravel, sand, mud, boulders, agricultural and industrial waste, urban waste, minerals, and plenty more.
IMG T Timber Jaws
Designed to combine maximum gripping force with the lightest possible weight, facilitating the handling of large tree trunks in forestry operations.

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