Indeco for the UK (part 2)

A breakers working life is critical, and Indeco quality stands out.

2 July 2014

Service, support & back-up is the most critical area the UK dealer network offers. Indeco breakers are often working on critical applications where breakdown is not an option.

All Indeco dealers offer specialist hydraulics engineers and next day parts back up, supported by Indeco UK’s parts warehouse.
An Indeco dealer since 2000, Newcat Plant Service specialize in hydraulics repair and highlights the reliability of Indeco’s range. “For customers making an investment in tools, durability is vital, and Indeco succeeds in good in-built protection and good parts availability. Features include vibration dampening, extending service periods and operator comfort”.

Another reason for UK popularity has been the range; Indeco has one of the biggest ranges with 22 breaker choices with many variants. “There is something for every weight class with plenty of variants for different applications in each size, so customers have less risk and are more likely to fit the right sized breaker for the application” .

Hire and sales specialist MTK are Manchester’s specialist dealers and really get to know how to maximize performance and offer good support and advice. Site visits are often essential to make sure the right machine for the right application.
“The Utilities sector is a key growth area in the UK and the HP150 has become the product of choice for utilities with a small mini excavator, high performance for regular repeat customers is essential. Indeco are considered a high quality breaker in the UK, and a lot of our business is repeat business, Indeco breakers haven’t let us down. Our customers get the fit – the right size of breaker for the excavator flows and the particular task. Sometimes it is all about the power, sometimes it’s all about the terrain and material to breakout, sometimes it’s to do with access and sometimes just a light breaker is all that’s required.”

Another growing factor has been additions to the range, with a range of attachments including: breakers, compaction plates, pulverisers, shears, sorting grabs and boom assemblies. In the UK with limitations of health and safety especially in urban areas, dust control and noise limitations has seen growing demand for more silent demolition, quieter machines than breakers – pulverisers and rotary shears are often now the product of choice in built-up urban towns and cities. Recent extensions to the range mean there is something for small scale as well as large scale projects, to meet a variety of industrial sectors quarrying, demolition, foundries, and urban regeneration.

Lighter breakers have been developed for smaller sizes of excavator carriers, less fuel and capital investment but with equal productivity. Indeco’s product range, means there’s an Indeco to fit just about every tool carrier from a micro to 120 tonne excavator. Indeco has developed its range of breakers for the UK quarrying sector in response to demands for more productivity and cost efficiency, especially for the secondary breaking in UK quarries. Whereas, across mainland Europe Indeco is best known for primary breaking with the larger breaker machines.

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