The market asks probing questions, Indeco comes up with the right answers

16 April 2012

The new IDG demolition sorting grabs and a new range of ISS shears, to meet the demands of an ever more demanding and hyperspecialised market.

Once upon a time there was demolition. For the most part, that was done with hydraulic breakers and had a couple of simple variations: quarries, pipe trenches, buildings, and little more. Then people started talking about primary and secondary demolition, recycling in all its variations, light demolition and compaction, and so on.

Market demand has over the years been fragmented into a thousand different forms by operators looking to use increasingly specific equipment for each application, so as to cut job times and costs, and as a consequence make work easier and increase profitability.

Their demands could not of course remain unheeded by Indeco, as our success over the years has been based on satisfying the needs of our customers and prospects as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. And so, after making a name for ourselves on the market with the “verticality” of our range of “intelligent” hydraulic breakers, here at Indeco we gradually started broadening the range of products in our catalog “horizontally”.

This led to the first IFP fixed and IRP rotating pulverizers, the MULTI multifunctional tool, the ISSshears, the IHC compactors, the “IBS Boom System” pedestal boom systems, and the innovation process goes on without a break. Today, to mark the opening of the Intermat fair, we are officially presenting a series of significant new products: the latest ISS shears which complete the existing range and the brand-new IDG demolition sorting grabs.

Like all Indeco products, our latest arrivals have some outstanding and unique features, from their design to the construction materials we have used, to the technological solutions we have implemented, all of which translates into huge benefits for users.

Another great plus is the perfect compatibility between the equipment and the carrier for various products in the same class, which can all be mounted on the excavator using the same mounting bracket.

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