IDA: Indeco Dust Abatement

2 May 2011

Indeco proudly announces the launch of its innovative IDA (Indeco Dust Abatement) system. The system is equipped with an air compressor and a high-pressure water pump, mounted onto the excavator and driven by two hydraulic motors powered by the excavator’s own oil circuit.

A set of electrahydraulic valves enable the excavator operator to activate the pump and compressor independently, thus starting up either one or both of the pratection devices: the pump reduces the dust on the outside of the breaker using a high-pressure burst of fine spray, while the compressor uses the internai pressurization of the breaker to form a shield which prevents dust and debris fram entering the breaker during tunnel excavations.

This all makes the IDA system particularly effective for reducing wear and tear on components, and for extending the working life of the breaker. Featuring a compact design, it also has excellent pneumatic and hydraulic performance and low vibration, thanks to its ratary compressor. The system is available only for the Indeco midi- and maxi-breaker ranges.

Technical specifications

Oil input flow: 20 – 40 l/min @Pmax: 150 bars
Air output flow: 500 – 1000 l/min @Pmax: 10 bars
Water output flow: 15 l/min @Pmax: 150 bars


Dust Abatement Kit
Three calibrated nozzles, connected to the IDA system pump, emit a jet of high-pressure water spray – 15 l/min @ Pmax: 150 bars – with a range of up to 6 metres. The kit can be attached straight to the mounting bracket of the breaker.
Available only for the Indeco midi- and maxi-breaker ranges, the kit is particularly recommended for efficient dust abatement during tunnellling work.

Dust shield for tunnelling work and underwater applications
The compressor in the IDA system pressurizes the interior of the breaker – with a compressed air flow of 500-1000 l/min @Pmax: 10 bars – thus preventing dust and debris from getting into the breaker through the bushing.
The sliding connection on the breaker body has no rigid connections, which makes it even more reliable and extremely resistant to vibration. The kit is also available for underwater applications.

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