HP Series: innovation continues with the exclusive ABF system

22 March 2011

Innovation at Indeco is not just a matter of new products, but also of improving existing ones. A case in point is the brand new Anti Blank Firing system (or ABF).

Installed as standard on all of the midi- and maxi-range Indeco breakers, the system cuts out blank fire by eliminating any down pressure from the breaker whenever the tool is not resting firmly on the surface to be demolished. This increases the service life of all components subject to wear and tear, as well as reducing stress to the breaker body and excavator arm.

Other manufacturers, in an attempt to satisfy the demands of the market, claim to have installed similar systems on their breakers. In many cases, though, they are in fact just the normal systems needed to function the specific gas or oil circuits on their breakers.

Here at Indeco, we decided to do things differently. Instead of rushing into announcements, we preferred to spend our energies on designing a true innovation like the ABF system, which actually improves the performance of our products and increases our competitive advantage on the market.

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