Crusher Boom System Keeps Plant Ticking Over

When Quarry and Mining Equipment (QME) needed a Crusher Boom System designed to suit Matthews Quarries’ specific needs, they turned to Indeco.

28 June 2016

QME has been established since 1986 and, from its base in Kangaroo Flat in Bendigo, Victoria, has been supplying a diverse range of equipment to the quarry and mining industries throughout Australia and the world.

Matthews Quarries has grown from its inception in the early 1980’s to be one of the largest quarries east of Melbourne. Doug Burgar, the Manager of Matthews Quarries’ Tyers operation, has nothing but praise for the Indeco crusher boom system.

Previously, the site had an overhead crane with a hook to remove the boulders that breached the crusher.

“The whole process was extremely time consuming and labour intensive,” Burgar commented. “When a breach occurred, everything had to be shut down, the overhead crane brought into place and the workers had to get harnessed to wrestle the boulder from its precarious position.”

“This whole process was reversed when the breach was finally removed, taking up valuable production time. The Indeco crusher boom system can, in minutes, achieve with a higher level of safety, what has previously taken us hours.”

Burgar was also impressed with the professionalism of the Indeco technicians who commissioned the crusher boom system on-site.

“They were able to answer all my questions and provided excellent training and advice on the use of the unit. It even came with a spare chisel!”

Indeco’s crusher boom systems are designed to keep plant running at maximum productivity. Mounted over the mouth of the crusher, a heavy duty Indeco boom system puts an end to downtime associated with oversized materials. Indeco’s hydraulic arms are heavy duty and built to last for years in even the most difficult of conditions. Each unit is custom designed for the crushing plant, giving the flexibility to ensure an operator’s investment provides the maximum return.

Another innovative design of the Indeco crusher boom system is that it can be operated either from the mounting point of the arm or by the mobile radio control, giving an unrestricted view of the crusher jaw. This allows the operator to attend to the blockage from any access point or via cameras viewed from the remote operating cabin.

As well as eliminating conventional, hazardous methods of manually unblocking feeders and removing oversized stone from primary crushers, the Indeco system also significantly increases productivity and production.

Indeco has been a leading global designer and manufacturer of hydraulic attachments used in the construction, demolition and aggregate industries for more than 35 years. It boasts a comprehensive range of crusher boom systems, rock breakers, steel shears, demolition grabs, pulverisers and compaction plates.