Brazil: an HP 600 digs the way for optical fibre

Once again, Indeco attachments mean quick, inexpensive results

18 April 2019

Jofege Pavimentação e Construção Ltda was founded in 1986 in Itatiba, near São Paulo. They specialize in highway surfacing and in road and railway construction. They became an Indeco Brazil customer in 2018, purchasing an HP 600 FS which they mounted onto a CAT 416E excavator to carry out a demolition job on concrete and asphalt at Ipaussu on the Tavares highway. The project is estimated to take 9 months, and involves digging trenches to install an optical fibre network. The Indeco hammer proved to be an excellent choice, putting in a total of 490 hours on the jobsite, with daily production of 150 m³, and enabling Jofege to meet the deadline and also reduce consumption, thanks to the Indeco Fuel Saving system.
“We were already well aware of the quality of Indeco products”, declared José Barbosa and Renê Alves Barbosa, respectively President and Technical Director at Jofege Group.
“We chose to use the HP 600 FS for its on-site efficiency, its lower consumption due to the Fuel Saving system and immediate technical assistance even when it comes to spare parts”.