An ISS 10-20 hydraulic shear demolishes a lime plant in Taranto

As it gets to grips with the demolition of an outdated lime production plant near the Southern Italian port of Taranto, an Indeco ISS 10-20 shear shows off all its manoeuvrability.

1 July 2016

The lime plant is owned by the local company Ital Appalti srl, and was operative here for many decades until the owners decided to open a more modern facility, giving the Taranto firm TMF srl the task of decommissioning and reclaiming the area.

No less than eight storage silos – two of which are 20 metres tall with a 7-metre diameter while the other six measure 15 metres in height with a diameter of 4 metres – will be reduced to smithereens by the smallest Indeco shear mounted on a 21-metre long excavator boom attached to a CAT 330BL. The ISS 10-20 was specifically designed and built for extremely delicate jobs at great heights, which require special equipment with an ideal ratio between power, weight and size, as well as a considerable amount of skill and experience on the part of the operator.