Indeco HP 7000 FS, a big hammer for big demolitions.

An HP 7000 FS hammer was used by McMahon Service in the demolition of Waikeria prison in New Zealand

28 March 2023

Waikeria Prison is located 16 kilometers south of Te Awamutu, in Waikeria in the Waikato region. Built in 1911, it was one of the largest prisons in New Zealand.

The contract for the demolition of the structure was commissioned by the New Zealand Government to McMahon Service New Zealand, an Australian company founded in Adelaide in 1990, specialized in demolition and industrial and environmental reclamation.

The demolition of the building, which covers an area of 14,000 square metres of concrete with a thickness variation from 150 mm to 300 mm, features the Indeco HP 7000 FS hammer, supplied by our New Zealand dealer Crush and Screen Ltd.

With a height of 3.7 metres, a weight of 4,000 kg and a chisel tip diameter of 180 mm, the HP 7000 FS proved to be the ideal candidate for such demanding demolition.

Although the HP 7000 FS is not the largest in the Indeco range (including the HP 18000, the world’s largest hydraulic hammer), it is the largest hammer used in demolition in New Zealand.

The Indeco hammer has proved to be the ideal partner for demolition of this magnitude. Compared to models from other manufacturers, equivalent in weight and performance, Indeco hammers require, in fact, a lower amount of oil per minute and a lower operating pressure. And since delivering less hydraulic power significantly reduces the engine speed of the operating machine, they allow fuel savings of up to 20%, always ensuring optimal performance and maximum productivity.

“I was also impressed with the service my company received. The Crush & Screen technicians came to the site to install the hammer on the excavator checking that the pressures were set correctly and were available to provide support and advice on the use”, affirms Richard Roberts, Managing director of McMahon Services NZ.

The McMahon Service NZ confirmed its satisfaction by requesting the dealer Crush & Screen to to supply Indeco products: two IFP fixed pulverisers and an IMP 45 Multiprocessor.

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