The new HP 2750

1 October 2013

The latest in Indeco’s range of hydraulic breakers, the HP 2750 was specifically designed and manufactured to meet the needs of a few emerging markets.

Positioned between the HP 2500 and HP 3000, its excellent power-to-weight ratio means it can be used on carriers from 19 to 24 tons.
Its innovations include a new design for the casing, which has been ultra-reinforced to withstand even the most extreme stress. Weighing 1690 kg and with a tool diameter of 135 mm, the HP 2750 is the ideal breaker attachment for a mid-size tracked excavator (21-22 tons).

Technical Data HP 2750
Excavator weight (possible) 16 ÷ 28 ton
Weight of breaker when operated 1690 kg
Steel diameter 135 mm
Pressure adjusted to the excavator 190 bar
Back pressure max 7 bar
Energy class per blow 3650 joule
Striking rate per minute 400 ÷ 870 n/min

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