The most recent addition to the Indeco family rotates

2 May 2013

The new line of Indeco IHC Series-R rotating compactors has been created to help you work even under the toughest conditions.

These rotating compactors have continuous 360° rotation, which means they can be used wherever the excavator is; the hydraulic fittings are in line with the carrier boom; the hydraulic rotation motor is easy to access; and the upper attachment plate is reinforced.
The IHC compactors efficiently replace traditional hand-held equipment, thus reducing accident risk. In slope applications, these machines eliminate self-propelled rollers and the risk of rollover. Indeco compactors (mounted straight onto the carrier boom) are hydraulically driven with an oil-bath bearing system. This hydraulic system gives a balanced design of compaction force and vibration speed, so as to achieve the depth penetration needed to reduce air voids and move more material faster.

Technical data IHC 50 R IHC 75 R IHC 150 R IHC 250 R
Excavator weight 1,7 ÷ 6,4 tons 4 ÷ 12 tons 7,5 ÷ 22 tons 18 ÷ 45 tons
Equipment weight 350 Kg 580 Kg 970 Kg 1350 Kg
Rotation 3000 g/min 2100 g/min 2100 g/min 2100 g/min

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