ISS 30/50 & 35/60, two innovations in the great Indeco family

23 juin 2014

More good news from the Indeco works, with the birth of the latest hydraulic shears: the ISS 30/50 and ISS 35/60, essential tools for all jobs in the scrapmetal and recycling sectors.

Designed to maximise capacity and cutting force, the new shears have an exclusive dual-profile piercing tip system, four reversible and interchangeable cutter blades made of special steel, with a dual blade-guide system, a deep jaw and an excellent cutting register adjustment system. The ISS 30/50 complements the existing range of shears, coming immediately after the ISS 25/40. This enables Indeco to provide its customers with a large, high-performance attachment to use on 30 ton excavators as a second member and on 50 ton carriers if fitted as a third member. The }ISS 35/60 is an update to the previous model, the ISS 30/60, which it is going to replace in the ISS product range.

The ISS 35/60 applies the latest Indeco jaw geometry and, being more powerful, with a wider max jaw opening and a bit heavier than its predecessor, is the best combination for 35 ton excavators as a second member and for 60 ton carriers fitted as a simple attachment. Just like all of the other Indeco shears, the ISS 30/50 and ISS 35/60 also come with a variety of great features, such as a special regeneration valve which speeds up no-load movement of the jaw, a pivot group which prevents the jaws from buckling and a large, powerful hydraulic cylinder with long-lasting seals that can withstand up to 700 bars of pressure.

Données techniques ISS 30/50 ISS 35/60
Poids machine montage place du bras 30 ton 35 ton
Poids machine montage place du godet 50 ton 60 ton
Poids de l’équipement
(à l’exclusion de la platine de fixation)
5400 kg 6950 kg
Pression max sur le cylindre 400 bar 400 bar
Débit hydraulique maximal sur le cylindre 240 ÷ 400 l/min 300 ÷ 550 l/min
Force maximale sur la pointe 170 ton 210 ton
Classe de force 1300 ton 1400 ton
Longueur 4040 mm 4238 mm
Largeur des cisailles 680 mm 730 mm
Ouverture des mâchoires 810 mm 890 mm
Longueur des couteaux 910 mm 920 mm
Temps de fermeture (à vide) 3,5 ÷ 5 sec 3,5 ÷ 5 sec
Temps d’ouverture (à vide) 3,6 ÷ 5 sec 3,6 ÷ 5 sec

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