Zini Terraplenagem: 40 years in Brazil, providing service with quality

1 July 2016

Zini Terraplenagem is synonymous with tradition and trust in the engineering and services sectors in and around Caxias do Sul, deep in the south of Brazil. Now in its third generation of owners, the company works in industry, commerce and agriculture.

After 40 years on the market, having completed some huge projects, such as the Campo dos Bugres viaduct and the Nelson Bazei roundabout, the company is renowned for the excellence of its services. The Terraplenagem Zini currently works in the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors, the main drivers of the economy. In the agricultural sector, Zini prepares flower beds and deep soils for growing vegetables and flowers, as well as land clearance.
In the commercial sector, the company focuses on engineering works and on excavations for building projects. Zini’s services for industry involve taking charge of all excavations in the area, preparing land for industrial use, and handling jobs involving hydraulic breakers and rock demolition. “We are veterans in this field and we know how to act, which helps us to optimise labour costs”, explains Rodrigo Zini, general manager. “We work by focusing on service quality and satisfying customer demands”, he adds. “At this time, when the civil construction sector is blossoming, we believe it is worth investing in machinery and differentiated services. Rather than keeping up to date with the latest developments, we need experience and knowledge of the industry. When we get an industrial plot ready, we need to be able to count on someone who knows what they are doing: that is why we decided to buy several Indeco breakers, including our latest purchase, an HP 2000 ABF.