Two HP 3000 ABF for Mexico’s longest tunnel

Both Indeco hydraulic hammers were used at the Aca-Túnel jobsite in Acapulco.

4 July 2018

One of Mexico’s most popular holiday destinations, Acapulco has been suffering from serious traffic congestion, especially on the road from the city centre to Juan Álvarez international airport.
As well as plaguing residents and playing havoc with tourist figures, the traffic jams are to be found in particular along the stretch between Acapulco Bay and the Diamante and Puerto Marques suburbs, which currently means climbing La Escénica, the panoramic mountain overlooking the city. For this reason, in 2013 the city authorities took the decision to bypass the traffic jams by digging a tunnel of some 3.2 kilometres in length under the Cumbres de Llano Largo mountain.
The contract for excavating the two tunnels was awarded to the Aca-Túnel consortium made up of two private companies, ICA and CARSO.
ICA has been the largest construction company in Mexico for decades, and over the years it has been awarded contracts for such key public works as roads, dams, bridges, public buildings, airports, etc.
Grupo Carso is a conglomerate of companies owned by Mexican magnate of Lebanese origin, Carlos Slim, the richest man in Mexico and one of the richest anywhere in the world. The Carso Group includes a construction company that has built a series of other public works. Maquinter, Indeco’s distributor in Mexico, sells and rents out construction machinery equipment in various different states in the Mexican Republic. Aca-Túnel sent them a provisioning request for Indeco hydraulic hammers.
Indeed, Indeco hammers had recently been successfully used by ICA in Oaxaca state on a road-building project. The two HP 3000 ABFs (or HB 5000 ABFs for the American market), mounted on Caterpillar 320 excavators, were chosen for their excellent performance even when used horizontally during tunnel excavations and finishing.
Once again, Indeco products are living up to their reputation, repaying the trust which experts from various construction sectors around the world have placed in them.