Indeco for prestigious Giallo di Siena marble

Quarrying specialists choose the Indeco HP 9000 to improve their logistics.

1 July 2016

The hills around Siena are famous for their yellow marble, which has been much sought after for centuries, and has been used for some of the world’s great masterpieces of art and architecture.

Because of its great ornamental appeal, the techniques for extracting Giallo di Siena marble have to be quite gentle. Although breakers are not well-suited for such operations, Granital Siena – who extract over 90% of the Giallo di Siena available in the world – use them for an important secondary purpose. The breaker is used to prepare the area before the actual excavation of the marble, which is done either with explosives or diamond wire saws.

An HP 9000 to clear the way

Granital Siena have been going for three decades, and have used Indeco breakers for much of this time. The company chose the HP 9000 as a result of their long experience in the field, according to Simone Bonechi, director of production at the company’s two quarries:
“We’ve used Indeco breakers for years now, because of their excellent productivity and reliability. Our most recent purchase was the HP 9000, and it has been a great success, due mainly to its technical innovations and sheer size. There’s no doubt about it – the HP 9000 has cut down the time it takes to build ramps and to perform all of the minor tasks that help us get to the rock face quickly and safely”.