From demolitions to cleaning-up using Indeco maxi breakers

5 large Indeco breakers at work for the northern Italian Bianchi firm from Oggiono, near Lecco.

1 July 2016

The Bianchi firm was founded three decades ago, hiring out demolitions and pulverising equipment, as well as providing the operator and the diesel fuel to go with it. Today, the company specialises in demolishing and reconverting abandoned industrial areas, preparing them to carry out new functions for the benefit of society as a whole.

The most recent issues they have had to contend with have involved cleaning up and recycling building materials, rubble and backfill which needs to be sorted, so that this waste material can be used to produce inert materials to be brought back into the production process. For this job, Bianchi designed an innovative piece of equipment, a combined crushing and screening plant for use on demolitions and clean-up jobsites.

The new machine is practically a huge suction plant with a powerful active carbon filter capable of sucking up dust and volatile pollutants such as hydrocarbons. For the rock and internal excavations, or for the demolition of plinths and other structures in reinforced concrete, Bianchi were delighted with the results they got from no less than five Indeco breakers: an HP 5000 mounted on a Komatsu PC 340; two HP 5000’s each mounted on a Volvo 290; an HP 2500 mounted on a Komatsu 230 and a UP 3000 on a Case 240 excavator.