An IFP 1250 and an HP 4000 at work in Poland

1 July 2016

These two Indeco products are owned by a Polish company, Lempecki-Matuszczak, which owns a quarry and also works in the field of demolitions and recycling, concentrating specifically on the growing needs of the market, especially in the environmental field.

Lempecki-Matuszczak has a vast area dedicated to recycling concrete and steel. The breaker is used to reduce the biggest blocks before they enter the crusher. The IFP 1250 fixed pulveriser is used to separate the concrete from the steel.

Both machines, mounted on a brand new Komatsu PC 290-8 excavator, are used 8 hours a day, and Lempecki-Matuszczak enjoy Indecos efficiency when breaking down the hardest materials, as well as the lower vibration and stress levels transmitted to the excavator and operator.