An IFP 1000 being used in the demolition of Turi hospital near Bari

1 July 2016

As part of the redevelopment and greening programme for its suburbs, the municipality of Turi ordered the demolition of an old building that had once been a hospital.

This involved reducing about 4000 m3 of material. The Indeco IFP 1000 pulverizer has been separating out the rebar (the steel rods used to reinforce the concrete) from the rubble.
The pulverizer processed a total of 15,000 m3 of debris, which was then further reduced in a crusher. The whole job took less than a month. The demolitions were carried out by Gesmundo Demolizioni Srl from Terlizzi, near Bari, who have been Indeco customers for over 15 years. As well as the IFP 1000, they also own an HP 200, an HP 350, an HP 2500 and an HP 3000.