Indeco HP hydraulic demolition hammers: the right tool for every type of job

Thanks to its widest range of hydraulic demolition hammers on the market, with Indeco you will find the ideal excavator hammer according to the characteristics of your machine and the type of work to be carried out.

10 October 2023

Indeco HP hydraulic demolition hammers today represent the maximum expression of high technology and Italian construction quality applied to demolition. Known and appreciated on markets all over the world for the absolute excellence of their performance, Indeco HP hydraulic demolition hammers stand out for features such as:

  • the efficiency of the intelligent hydraulic system which automatically varies the energy and frequency of the blows, depending on the material to be demolished
  • the convenience of the Fuel Saving system, which enables fuel savings of up to 20% compared to competing breakers of the same class
  • the exceptional construction strength, thanks to the use of special steels produced exclusively for Indeco

With its numerous models, available in different versions, Indeco boasts the most extensive range of demolition hammers ever. This allows users to make the ideal hammer/machine pairing and make the best choice for the type of work to be carried out. Let’s see what the most common applications of Indeco demolition hammers of the three small, medium and large classes are.

Small hydraulic demolition hammers

Unbeatable for reliability, silence and high performance, despite their small size, the small Indeco hammers are perfect demolition hammers for road construction sites thanks to their efficiency in excavation work. A wide choice of hammers for excavators from 0.5 to 14 tonnes, ideal for those looking for demolition hammers for the demolition and renovation of buildings, demolitions and recycling in residential areas. Also suitable for special uses such as maintenance work in foundry plants.

Medium hydraulic demolition hammers

Thanks to their excellent weight/power ratio and their slender structure, the medium Indeco hammers for 6.5 to 32 tonne excavators are ideal both as hammers for building demolition, excavation in urban areas and secondary demolition in quarries, and for more specific uses. They are in fact used as demolition hammers for underwater work (using a special kit), demolition hammers for road construction sites to be used for excavating narrow and deep trenches as well as hammers for removing slag in foundries.

Large hydraulic demolition hammers

Capable of combining maximum power with the effectiveness of their hydraulic system, the large Indeco hammers for 21 to 140 tonne excavators are certainly the best hammers to use in quarries for primary excavation, and prove unbeatable in carrying out, in the shortest possible time, the most demanding tasks such as massive demolition works, excavation of foundations, excavation of large road tunnels and railway tunnels.

The tools

The choice of the most suitable tool for the type of work to be carried out, among those available in the Indeco catalogue, is also fundamental:

  • Chisel tool Suitable for all excavation or narrow section excavations on medium to hard stratified rocks.
  • Double cone tool For breaking work on concrete or medium hard non-stratified rocks. Secondary demolition: medium, hard and very hard blocks.
  • Asphalt cutter/shovel tool For cutting or breaking the road surface, breaking pavements, walls, brick or tuff walls. Available in in-line versions (asphalt cutter) and transversal at 90° (shovel) with respect to the direction of work.
  • Pile driver tool For piling work or press-formed supports for guardrails, etc.
  • Pyramid tool For demolishing hard reinforced concrete floors and sedimentation material
  • Cobra tool For all excavation work on medium-hard to hard rocks, not stratified or prone to pulverising during the breaking phase, puddingstones.
  • Flat tool For breaking blocks of any hardness or to obtain small pieces of the demolished material.

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