Efficiency at its finest. Quarrying

3 June 2020

The Lange e.K. quarry and sawmill in Sprockhövel, Germany, features a rather compact Ruhr sandstone, even harder than most granites. Thomas Lange explains their decision to purchase an HP 2500 HD/ABF: “When faced with the need to improve production, we decided to switch to the HP 2500 FS and mount it on a JCB 220 XLC excavator. Our choice was guided by the fact that the HP 2500 was able to increase our production by 30%, as it then demonstrated in the quarry. “It’s already quite clear to us that the promises Indeco Deutschland made to us have been more than fulfilled – declares Thomas Lange. “The excellent results we achieved soon convinced us of the Indeco hammer’s superior technology”. As so many users around the globe have been saying”, continued Indeco Deutschland, “Indeco breakers have an excellent ratio between energy input and energy output and consequently optimum efficiency”.

All Indeco hammers are installed with the ABF (Anti-Blank Firing) system, Indeco’s patented technology that considerably improves the performance and durability of the breakers. In addition to a hydraulic system with improved efficiency, the HP series displays the FS (Fuel Saving) mark, indicating that the hammer needs less hydraulic power to operate, resulting in a significant reduction in the carrier machine’s rpm and a fuel savings of up to 20%. While delivering consistently excellent performance and maximum productivity, Indeco hammers require less oil per minute and lower operating pressures than hammers made by other manufacturers in terms of weight and performance. This huge competitive advantage is even more clear-cut if we compare the Indeco hammer with gas- or gas/oil-powered hammers of similar sizes manufactured by our competitors. Indeco, an Italian manufacturer of hydraulic equipment, was founded in 1976, making this its 45th year in business. Right from the outset, here at Indeco we set our sights on predicting (and bringing in innovations for) the needs of the marketplace, while counting on the experience and efficiency of our distribution network and on the skills of our after-sales service providers.


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