IMH mulching heads – a radical change for all of the models in the range

16 March 2020

Without doubt one of Indeco’s most eyecatching innovations at this spring’s trade fairs is the radical makeover of the IMH series of mulching heads, which have a completely new look and substance. Starting from the new more compact, ergonomic design, which gives better overall visibility to the operator, and simplifies access to all parts which might require inspection, such as motor, hydraulic connections and bushings. Additional teeth have been added in a new pattern and profile, greatly increasing the efficiency of the unit versus its predecessors. The larger models are multiple V-belt driven, whereas the smaller ones feature direct drive.
The cutting system has been completely revamped, with interchangeable teeth in special steel, that are far more efficient and practical than either swinging hammers or the expensive tungsten carbide tips used by many of our competitors. Changes have been made to the size of the teeth, the cutting angle and the layout on the drum of the tooth holders, which now makes all land and forest clearing applications faster and more efficient compared with its predecessors, not least because of the ease and low costs involved in replacing the teeth.

IMH 10 direct-drive mulching head for compact excavators from 10 to 18 tons

The IMH 15 with its multiple V-Belt drive for excavators from 15 tons upwards

IMH 3.5 SS for skid steers from 3.5 tons upwards

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