HP 6000 FS: a great new entry into the large hammer range

16 March 2020

A totally new product which extends the already broad range of large Indeco hammers. Introducing the new HP 6000 FS, which takes up a position midway between the HP 5000 and the HP 7000. With its careful focus on the evolving market and on the new requirements of users, with this product Indeco aims to provide an answer to a specific trend in the excavator world. For some time now, 30 tons carriers are increasingly being replaced with slightly larger models weighing 35/36 tons. With a working weight of 3.600 Kg, energy class of 9.000 J, and a steel diameter of 170 mm, this new hammer is an ideal fit for excavators in the 35 to 45 tons range, especially given its excellent power-to-weight ratio. A champion of productivity and reliability, partly due to the HARDOX® inserts in the lower part of the casing, which enable it to withstand even the toughest jobs.


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