The Indeco IBS pedestal boom system

15 May 2013

A new series of high-tech products, designed and tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements and individual needs

Produced and marketed a few years ago by Indeco North America and Indeco Australia, the Indeco IBS pedestal boom secondary breaking system looks destined to make a strong impact on many other markets, having already proven to save time and money in many a quarry and mine. Mounted over the mouth of a primary crusher, it is used to reduce bridged and oversized material which slows down crushing operations: By doing so, plant down times can be eliminated. With their unique design and special high-strength steels, the IBS range of pedestal boom systems have outstanding reliability, productivity and durability, and an excellent quality-price ratio. These improvements are due in part to the use of computational tools such as FEA – Finite Element Analysis – which performs structural and stress tests, making it possible to test and improve the product before the start of the manufacturing process.

Some of the main features of the Indeco IBS

The hydraulic cylinders, designed and manufactured by the Indeco technical division to exclusive specifications, are oversized to provide maximum power and hydraulic efficiency and ensure greater reliability even in demanding applications.

The rotation capacity, available in three different formats, according to the job at hand: 360° with slewing ring and hydraulic motor, 180° with a special hydraulic actuator or 150° with lateral hydraulic pistons.

The automatic lubrication kit for boom and breaker optimises grease consumption, cutting out the machine down times once needed to lubricate moving parts. The kit includes a programmable pumping unit pack, hoses and breaker and boom fittings. The system increases the service life of all the ball bushings on the boom and in the moving parts of the breaker.

Three possible articulations help to increase the working area when the breaker is in a vertical position, to reach inaccessible positions under the mounting base, and to increase
versatility of use.

The control system with its electro-hydraulic proportional valve, manufactured to Indeco specifications enables you to use the IBS boom system safely from the operating cabin, in two different modes: remote control, with a special cable up to 90 metres in length and a wireless radio-controlled type for distances of up to 30 metres.

Special reinforced box sections inside the boom make it more rugged, and more resistant to torsion and buckling. Anti-drop and load control valves, mounted on the cylinders, prevent the boom from accidentally collapsing and at the same time improve safety.

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