The new ISS 10-20: small on size, big on performance

8 May 2013

The smallest shear, designed for 10-ton excavators.
Like Indeco’s other shears, the latest addition to the range, the ISS 10-20, will also have outstanding cutting force due to a series of special design features: its exclusive dual-profile piercing tip system, its four special steel blades, fully reversible and interchangeable; its dual blade-guide system; its deep jaw and long blades; its cutting register adjustment system.

The specific benefits of Indeco hydraulic shears include its regeneration valve which speeds up no-load movement of the jaw, thus speeding up opening and closing; its heavy-duty pivot group which keeps the jaws aligned and prevents buckling; its large, powerful hydraulic cylinder, an exclusive Indeco design, which provides enough force to deal with any type of working conditions; and its long-lasting seals that can withstand up to 700 bars of pressure.


Technical Data ISS 10/20
Excavator weight 2^ member 10 tons
Excavator weight 3^ member 20 tons
Steel shear weight (excluding mounting bracket) 1800 kg
Maximum working pressure 400 bars
Maximum oil delivery 100 ÷ 200 l/min
Maximum clamping force at tip 65 tons
Clamping force class 600 tons
Length 2724 mm
Jaw width 450 mm
Jaw opening 500 mm
Shear length 500 mm
Closure time (no-load) 1,5 ÷ 3 sec
Opening time (no-load) 1,5 ÷ 3 sec

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