Indeconnect System: Indeco launches the Internet of Tools

14 ноября 2022

The first manufacturer to launch the “smart hammer” on the market in 1985, today, Indeco is still among the first to offer a range of hydraulic attachments with 4.0 technology. This is thanks to the new remote monitoring system “Indeconnect”, based on the principles of the Internet of Things to prevent equipment obsolescence and maintain their high performance over time. The system consists of a proprietary device to be mounted on the various equipment, provided with 4G technology for wireless interconnection to the network and a cloud-based web platform accessible from mobile (via app) or PC, with which to consult the data transmitted in real- time by each installed device: hours of work performed, working position in space, Hydraulic oil temperature, ambient temperature, GPS location and so on.

Through the use of Indeconnect it is now possible to obtain a series of advantages:

Monitor productivity, making sure that each Indeco tool is working as planned

Check the operation, verifying the equipment’s different internal and external parameters in real-time, to ensure that it is used in optimal conditions and appropriately

Increase security by remotely controlling the location of the equipment through GPS geo-location

Plan maintenance, monitoring in real-time the health status of each Indeco tool, also through the automatic alert and messaging system that allows you to order spare parts and minimize machine downtime

Optimize the rental by supervising and controlling the management of the rented equipment

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