ISS 35/60
Min. excavator weight in fixed version (boom-mounted) configuration

33 tons

Min. excavator weight 2nd member (boom-mounted) configuration

35 tons

Min. excavator weight 3rd member (boom-mounted) configuration

60 tons

Attachment operating weight fixed version

6800 kg

Attachment operating weight 2nd member

7500 kg

Attachment operating weight 3rd member

7600 kg

Maximum working pressure

350 bars

Oil delivery

300 ÷ 550 l/min

Maximum rotation oil flow

50 l/min

Maximum rotation pressure

130 bars

Maximum clamping force at tip

240 tons

Clamping force class

1500 tons


4100 mm

Jaw width

760 mm

Jaw opening

950 mm

Max jaw depth

970 mm

Closure time

3,6 ÷ 6,4 s

Opening time

3,2 ÷ 5,6 s

Compatibility of attachment plate with breaker

HP 12000 - HP 18000

Type of carrier

- Tracked excavator

N.B. Weights may vary according to the various configurations. The information in this catalog is subject to change without notice and without any obligation or responsibility on our part. The content of this catalog is provided as a courtesy to readers and constitutes non binding information only.


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