IRP Rotating and IFP Fixed Pulverizers
A wide range of pulverizers for excavators, in the rotating version
for the primary demolition of buildings and vertical structures,
and the fixed version for secondary demolition and recycling.

The range of Indeco hydraulic pulverizers

The result of Indeco’s finest advanced technological know how, Indeco IFP fixed and IRP rotating pulverizers were designed and created following the top-quality guidelines already used in manufacturing our famous hydraulic hammers. By implementing state-of-the-art materials and technologies, Indeco pulverizers are specifically designed to withstand high levels of pressure, wear and abrasion, and prolonged use under any jobsite conditions.

IRP rotating pulverizers

Perfect for the primary demolition of buildings, vertical structures, flooring, slabs and external walls.

IFP fixed pulverizers

Ideal for the secondary demolition of reinforced concrete materials and structures, as well as for recycling, by separating the concrete from the steel rods.

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