Two Indeco giants conquer Malaga

Murgi España hires two HP 12000 breakers from Sehapla for an extremely tough job.

1 July 2016

The ingenious hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha would have been drawn into yet another adventure if he had come riding along on his horse Rocinante into the residential zone of Cuevas del Tesoro in the town of Rincón de la Victoria, in Málaga province.

There he would have come across two of the most formidable and powerful giants known to Man, greedily munching away at the solid rockface.Those giants are two HP 12000 hydraulic breakers, the largest in the Indeco range, designed for 60 ton excavators, supplied by the local firm, Murgi España. Dual action, dual efficiency and dual time-savings, the latter being a critical factor in the building industry.

When Diego García, head of Murgi España S.A., a company specialising in earth-moving and large excavations works, visited the jobsite (the foundations for the back of a residential complex), he soon realised what sort of problems he was up against. “It was a really tough area, with extremely hard, high-density rock” remembers García. He quickly had to come up with reliable solutions that would not break the budget, and being a residential zone meant that explosives were not an option.

So Diego García got in touch with Sehapla, exclusive dealers for Indeco, and chose two of the largest model, the HP 12000, which at 7,800 kilos is one of the heaviest available on the market. With a tool diameter of 215 mm and a frequency of 240-550 blows per minute, the two breakers soon demonstrated their qualities, even under the most extreme conditions. “We’d never worked with Indeco‘s before, but other operators in the sector had spoken well of them, and I have to say that we’re delighted with their performance”, said the head of Murgi España.

The HP 12000s, mounted on Komatsu PC 650 excavators, completed the job in just four months. The other great advantage which Diego García mentioned was the after-sales service provided by Sehapla, the Indeco official dealer for Spain. With annual sales of over 350 breakers, and two decades of selling and repairing hydraulic breakers, Sehapla is the ideal partner for anyone working in the Spanish demolitions sector.