Indeco tools star at a jobsite near Venice

2 May 2018

With its 15,000 inhabitants, the municipality of Noale, close to Venice, is the scene of a major demolition contract where Indeco tools are playing a leading role.
Pre-existing structures built on a covered area of about 33,000 square metres needed to be pulled down by a retail chain, which commissioned the job to Tonon SpA from Colle Umberto (near Treviso).The contractors for the job, Pigozzo Costruzioni Generali Snc of Salzano (near Venice) run by siblings Tommaso (legal representative) and Stefania Pigozzo, specialize in primary earth moving works, quarrying and civil and industrial demolitions.
Since they became our customer in 2016, Pigozzo Costruzioni have found Indeco products to be the answer to their every need in terms of performance and quality of work.
Their Indeco fleet includes two hammers, an HP 350 (fitted to a JCB 804) and an HP 2750 (on an FK 235 and an EX 215), an IMG 1200 D demolition grab (on an FH 200.3 EX 215), an IMP 20 shear version (on an FK 235) and an IRP 18X pulverizer (on an EX 215 and an FK 235). The contract is expected to be completed in 90 days, and involves the demolition of light reinforced concrete, floors and plinths, the cutting of metal structures, I-beams (dn18-dn24) and steel girders and the handling of loose materials.
“I used to know Indeco only by name”, says Tommaso Pigozzo. “After seeing their equipment in action, I immediately contacted the Indeco sales department, as I was convinced of their quality and reliability in terms both of the product and of their technical and commercial service. This all adds up to better results in terms of efficiency and productivity. To be honest, I hadn’t found these advantages in any of the competitor products that I’d been using previously”.