Indeco Mexico beats the competition 10–4

5 July 2018

Excellent results from Indeco Mexico who, in just 6 months, from September 2015 to March 2016, sold no less than 10 hammers to Volvo dealer “Ascendum”.
Their first order was for three HP 7500s (the American equivalent of the HP 4000) for their customer CODESA, a construction company in Querétaro, 200 km north of México City.
The project began in September 2015 and was completed in June 2016, building a 700-metre-long vehicle bridge with a maximum height of 7 metres and the excavation and removal of approximately 14,000 m3 of basalt.
The bridge is located in Querétaro on the road to Celaya – known to locals as “colonia Balvanera”, hence the name “Balvanera Bridge”.
There were two critical issues: as it was so close to the city, no explosives could be used, even though the basalt was particularly hard; and the need to complete the job quickly so that the road could be opened up to traffic just as soon as possible.
The first three hammers proved to be a great hit, so from October to November, the company purchased another seven Indeco hammers, five HP 7500s (HP 4000 in Europe) and two HP 8000s (HP 5000 in Europe).
The Indecos were not the only hammers on the jobsite. In fact, another dealer had sold them some demolition hammers from a competitor brand in a package with the excavators.
Having to work for 20 hours a day in extreme conditions, the Indeco hammers stood out in terms of performance, thanks also to the excellent assistance and consultancy from Indeco North America, who managed to solve all the technical problems just as soon as they arose.
In the end, the bridge was completed on time, due in no small part to the work done by the Indeco hammers, who ended up beating the competition 10–4.