Indeco breakers: a game changer on canadian site

Near Quebec City, Canada two Indeco HP 16000 and an HP 25000 operated by FDT are excavating an artificial lake.

1 July 2016

At Chutes a Charny, just a few kilometers from Quebec City and the city of Levis, three Indeco breakers are digging an artificial lake and performing other earthworks involving the excavation of over 400,000 cubic meters of rock.

The new lake is part of a program to convert what was a well-known local campground into a modern resort featuring permanent and temporary lots for RVs and mobile homes and small prefab buildings. Covering 150,000 square meters, the area includes 377 different-sized lots, 299 of which will be sold for use by owners or renters, and 72 designated exclusively for temporary parking. Despite the fact that the project will have a low environmental impact, the construction of the new reception facility, Camping International, requires a program of works, including the creation of a utilities network and the artificial lake.

FDT (Forage Dynami-tech) is a major contractor in Quebec specialized in the use of explosives for excavation works, drilling and blasting for artesian wells and other works. FDT’s fleet of machinery and equipment includes Indeco breakers, which the contractor uses for all excavations and works to reduce the volume of rock either as complementary method or as an alternative to blasting. FDT owns two HP 16000 (the North American designation for the HP 12000) and an HP 25000 (corresponding to the HP 18000) that are being utilized to construct the new campground-resort. As is often the case, the initial phase of the excavation used blasting as a technique, but then breakers were brought on site to perform the actual excavation and reduction of the rock into transportable pieces. The rock, made up of grey limestone and schist with a presence of quartzite, was especially hard and abrasive in some areas. The significant quantity of material produced by excavating the lake and by other jobs (amounting to over 400,000 cu m) will in part be reutilized in situ for the construction of embankments of internal roads and the various parking areas (for a total of approx. 150,000 cu m), and in part traded by the owner in exchange for other building materials (wood, cement, asphalt, etc.) needed to complete the works. As the material is not the product of an actual mining activity, it cannot be sold according to local laws. As Philippe Paradis, owner of FDT, told us, the project once again confirms how much the choice for Indeco breakers was determined by the manufacturer’s reputation on the market and especially by its expertise in the production of large breakers like the HP 16000. What’s more, it is the only producer to offer a breaker like the HP 18000. He adds: ”These breakers not only enable us to produce more, but according to the code for tenders and contracts in force here in Quebec they also allow us to command a higher rate compared to smaller equipment, a double advantage of no small importance. Reliability and productivity are an unquestionable strength of this attachment. Also, the service provided by Indeco dealer SMS in Canada is another important consideration because we know that any need, whether related to service or simply to the optimization of the excavator-breaker set-up, will be met with a quick and professional response.”

Three giants deliver impressive output

Both the HP 16000 and the HP 25000 are breakers that guarantee exceptional productivity, and for this reason they are operated with success worldwide; these models are also highly appreciated in the mining sector because they are a valid alternative to blasting when it comes to productivity and operating costs thus changing the perspective when it comes to profitabily. Today Indeco is the only producer who puts out a breaker with 25000 joules that maintains the versatility and agility of breakers of a lower class. With a speed that can reach 460 blows per minute and a tool measuring 216 mm, the HP 18000/25000 boasts spectacular productivity considering the quantity of rock that is fractured and demolished. Like all Indeco breakers, the HP 18000 also vaunts optimum efficiency thanks to an excellent ratio between input and energy yield. In addition, the breaker is fitted with the ABF system (anti-blank firing), a patented technology offered only by Indeco that significantly improves efficiency and increases the life of the breaker.