Germany: an HP 7000 is crowned demolition champion

1 July 2016

The HP 7000 is an impressive machine. At 4 tons, it is one of the largest hydraulic breakers in the world – and at the same time highly productive and reliable, due to its intelligent hydraulic system. These features have made the HP 7000 the star of any quarry or tunnelling job, where it runs efficiently and steadily for years.

On top of that, it keeps maintenance costs low, as well as wear on the excavator. But demolitioning, with its constant repositioning, irregular work and idle time, different carrier machines, variety of material and of course unfavourable positioning of the chisel means that the demands placed on the HP 7000 are even greater.

Dipl. Ing. Ralf Oberföll, technical director of Münzner-Bau GmbH knows about these characteristics. He also knows that in a demolition job, his partner’s ability to provide spare parts and service is essential, because staying on schedule is the top priority. Münzner-Bau GmbH from Karlsruhe, Germany is a well-known company with more than 50 years’ experience. Known for the quality of their work, their fleet and their commitment to the latest machinery, they are one of the market leaders in south-western Germany. Münzner-Bau operates in multiple fields of business and covers all needs from demolition and dismantling to recycling and disposal – though challenging demolition remains the main field of operation.

In 2006, the company decided to fit its CAT 330 CLN with approx. 35 tons operating weight with a new, large hydraulic breaker. The technical director, Ralf Oberföll, was assigned to find a hydraulic breaker that would meet the high requirements of the company. All the big names in the construction and demolition industry were contacted – including LST. All specifications and technical details were compared and discussed. Tests were run, the results were analysed and the best breakers were compared in the final round, a live demonstration.

The HP 7000 emerged victorious. The LST model is a HD/Whisper version, developed especially for demolition with automated greasing system and steel bushings. Fitted to the CAT 330 CLN, the HP 7000 left the competition well behind. Münzner-Bau was most impressed by the automated adjustment of the energy and frequency of the blows according to the hardness of the material being demolished, reducing the vibrations transmitted to the carrier and enhancing the running smoothness. And last but not least, LST’s 24/7 service and technical competence – a close partner with excellent spare part availability.

Just a few weeks after the purchase decision was made, the breaker got its first job: Münzner-Bau was assigned to dismantle an entire industrial site. The job of the HP 7000 was to demolish huge concrete foundations. Each base had an edge length of 2.5 m, made of heavily reinforced concrete and embedded in sand. A total of approx. 1500 m3 heavily reinforced concrete had to be demolished and removed in less than 7 days. “Thanks to the HP 7000, with a chisel tool diameter of 180 mm and the automated adjustment to the material, this challenge was met with just one single excavator.”

That was what the technical director Dip. Ing. Ralf Oberföll had envisioned – operation in perfection: 120 loads of 1500 m3 heavily reinforced concrete in 7 days with just one single excavator. Impossible? – Not for a HP 7000 HD/W in the special demolition version by LST.