Birmingham: a fleet of Indeco hammers knocks a power plant to the ground

2 May 2018

An old power station near Birmingham has been demolished to make way for new storage and distribution warehouses. The job was undertaken by Collins Earthworks Ltd, customer of Indeco dealer in the English Midlands, Derek Fitzgerald Plant Hire. David Collins started his business many years ago as a sole trader. In 2000, he registered Collins Contractors Plant Hire Ltd, changing the trading name to Collins Earthworks Ltd in 2006. Based in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, the company has done jobs all over Britain, using a range of demolition excavators from 6 to 70 tons, including their flagship high-reach Volvo 380HR. He purchased his first hammer, an Indeco MES 621, from Derek Fitzgerald Plant Hire in 1998 and their relationship has grown over time, along with the size of the Indeco hammers in the Collins Earthworks fleet. That initial 621 was joined first by an HP 1800, then by a HP 5000, a HP 7000 and finally, in 2016, by the largest breaker in the country, an HP 12000.