Armstrong Constructions

1 July 2016
By Indeco Staff

Armstrong Constructions are Civil Engineering Contractors operating since 1975 delivering essential services and civil infrastructure to asset owners, project managers and major developers. They have worked extensively in the maintenance and construction of large-diameter mild steel pipelines throughout Australia.

"Customers are constantly looking for machinery to get the job done quicker and more productively, therefore increasing the demand for bigger and more powerful excavators and attachments", says Bill. "The Indeco HP 12000 is just right for us".

New and improved features have enabled Indeco breakers, such as the HP 12000, to work in applications where they previously would never have dreamed of before. With the productivity and field-proven success of Indeco‘s HP 12000, we expect to see many more start operating throughout Australia.
Indeco‘s development of the HP 12000 breaker is another example of the company’s commitment to introducing truly innovative products that bring real advantages to their customers. But a high quality product still needs to be equally complemented with high levels of service, support and back-up. And this has been the real key to Indeco‘s long-established and continued success in Australia.