An Indeco IRP 850 rotating pulverizer

1 July 2016

An Indeco IRP 850 rotating pulverizer, mounted on a CAT 320 was used by the CI.S.E. firm from Altamura near Bari when demolishing an old mill in the nearby centre of Carbonara. CI.S.E specialise in excavations, earth-moving, building works and demolitions.

The central body of the mill was a three-storey building with reinforced concrete columns and partitioning made from bricks and tufa blocks. The complex also included an underground concrete chamber and a few storage units made out of reinforced concrete and tufa blocks.

What made this job so difficult was the fact that the site was small, being on a busy road adjacent to civilian buildings. By using an Indeco IRP rotating pulverizer, the firm managed to avoid the danger of debris falling outside the demolition site itself.

Also, by mounting the excavator on the firm’s only excavator, they were able to use it both for the primary demolition of the building and for secondary demolition on the ground, separating the concrete from the steel rods, which greatly enhanced their productivity.