An HP 12000 in the Uranium mine

1 July 2016

9/10 hours, six days a week, that’s how busy the giant Indeco HP 12000 has been quarrying uranium in Namibia.

Wirtz, owner of Windhoek Renovations cc – 9 Bismarck Street – PO Box 5609 – Windhoek – Namibia. The “Langer Heinrich” uranium mine is located in the Kalahari Desert, about 80 km from the town of Swakopmund. The breaker is used for various tasks, from excavations for an extension to the uranium production and processing facilities, to trench excavations for laying water mains. The Indeco importer for Namibia is BM – Earthmoving cc run by Mr. Bernd Muller.

In the photo, Robby Wirtz (left) with Vincenzo Ratti (right) who has worked for Indeco for 22 years, and handles after-sales assistance for Milan-based Indeco Nord Italia. Ratti travels far and wide on troubleshooting missions, holding staff training courses around the world (South America, Namibia, Morocco, Russia, etc.)