An HP 1200 hammer and an IHC 75 serving civil construction in Australia

10 November 2022

“Ours is a family business founded by my father in 1994 ,” says Gavin Negrin of Nugget Haulage PTY. LTD -. Initially we dealt with the transport of materials to and from the construction sites with a trailer truck. In 2007, with my entry into the company, we bought the first excavator and started our activity in the housing sector. I currently own two Komatsu excavators: a PC138 and a PC35 that we use to carry out excavation works. Before 2007 I worked several years in the civil construction industry for another company that owned several Indeco hammers and I got to use the HP 3000 model, a fantastic product that could work all day without missing a beat. For this reason, when it came time to buy a hammer for my business, I had no hesitation and purchased an HP 1200 that fits my Komatsu PC138 excavator perfectly. The particular design of the housing and the position of the connecting pipes allow you to use the hammer in the cutting avoiding any damage. Mainly I use the Indeco hammer to carry out drainage excavations or for electrical systems, rock excavations, or boulder reduction. I also own an Indeco IHC 75 compactor, a product with an exceptional design and performance that has given me excellent results even in deep cuttings, with a reduced number of passages thanks to its hydraulic power, with a consequent saving of time. Based on the experience accumulated over the years, I would not hesitate to recommend Indeco products, for their efficiency, ease of use and maintenance, as well as for the excellent spare parts supply service”.