Indeco is a company based on people: an additional month’s salary per year for our 130 employees.

19 декабря 2022

In a year of global crisis, we have chosen to invest in our most important resource: the trust and happiness of our workers, granting a structural and permanent 10% raise on gross salary. A total annual investment of 750 thousand euros, which takes the form of an additional month’s salary for all 130 employees. 

‘It is our way of thanking those who work alongside us and help the company avoid crises,’ said Mauro Vitulano, co-founder and sole director of Indeco.

If Indeco, from a small workshop in Bari, has managed to become a consolidated company on the international market, it also owes it to its collaborators.

This is why we have always expressed our gratitude to them by making them part in every way of the company’s results.

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